As a church leader

As a church leader whether it be the pastoral leader or leader of the youth group, women's and men's committees, you are part of the solution to strengthen and support fellow members and families.

“From earliest years, Pacific churches in New Zealand have exercised strong pastoral and social justice roles for our Pacific people, and continue to do so. As religious institutions, the formational and transformational capacity of Pacific churches upon its members cannot be underestimated” - Rev Dr Tokerau Joseph, Reverend of the First Church of Otago - DOWNLOAD FULL SPEECH

“What’s the difference between an NGO and Church? The Church is the ‘sleeping giant’ when it comes to achieving policy for Pacific people. That can’t be ignored” - National Pacific Community Leaders Fono, June 2016

“We didn’t know about it (the family violence) as a church, but I was aware through a social worker within the community. I was able to dip into it via the church and provide the church perspective in helping them out. They are now getting counselling from a Fijian pastor who we work closely with. - Pastors Maria and Apolo Simeona, founders of Kings Lake Living Waters in Taupo