With your family

Wellbeing for Pacific families occurs when all aspects of the individual and collective are in balance, co-existing with environments, kinship and support systems while recognising Pacific culture and values. When something is not right, we often turn to those closest to us for support. These people can be our family, friends or those in our community and are usually those we can trust and depend on for help.

“Our culture has traditionally been that what the parents say, goes. But today parents have to be aware of the changes happening to our society, where our children are exposed to a lot more. It’s important for adults to keep learning and listening. In Fiji we like to sit around and have some dialogue, but often the things that need to be said are ignored and swept under the carpet. I’ve been in New Zealand for eight years now… I’m amazed at how much help there is available by the New Zealand government, NGOs and our churches.” - Reverend Sitiveni Tuinasau, Kingdom Ambassador International Fellowship Church

“The challenge for us as parents is to provide the information for our children. If we don’t, they’ll get it from somewhere else which we won’t agree with.” - Emily Hartson-Maea, Folau Alofa Charitable Trust and St David’s Presbyterian Church