Samoan Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

O Le Tōfā Mamao is fundamental to the Samoan cultural practices to help Samoan people build safe and healthier families. 

This FREE programme focuses on the values that underpins O Le Tōfā Mamao concept and its significance as a solution to prevent family violence. Both Samoan and English languages will be used to ensure your knowledge and experience is shared to enhance the discussion.

The Samoan Conceptual Framework O Le Tōfā Mamao was developed by the Sāmoan Working Group: Reverend Elama Maea, Judge Ida Malosi (facilitator), Siautu Alefaio-Tugia (facilitator), Paese William Pua, Rosalina Va’afusuaga, Papali’itele Tapuali’i Uitime, Tuu’u Mary Autagavaia, Norman Vaele, Tualamasala Kitiona Viliamu, Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira, Yvonne Crichton-Hill, Peseta Betty Sio.  It was written by Maiava Carmel Peteru with special acknowledgement to Dr Lonise Tanielu for the review of this document.

An important principle underpinning the dynamics of social and sacred encounters and interaction within fa’aSāmoa is the desire to maintain and protect peaceful relationships in ‘āiga (families), and between Sāmoan people. In the context of the Working Group discussions, tōfā mamao refers to the wisdom of ‘āiga and their social and religious communities as a critical pathway to fostering and nurturing wellbeing, and strong and vibrant families.

The purpose of tōfā is to ensure wellbeing is determined for all people and not for any one individual. Tōfā is love and compassion, and works to make possible freedom, and autonomy – so that all people are no longer burdened or overcome by suffering but live happy and fulfilling lives.

The word tōfā is wisdom achieved through the wise and judicious use of knowledge transmitted through family lore, and learnings from lifetimes of individual and collective experiences. Tōfā concerns thought that is reflective and contemplative, prudent, cautious, astute, and of good judgement. It involves individuals, families, groups of people, and whole communities.

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