Kiribati Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

The Kiribati framework Boutokaan Te Mweeraoi is based on I-Kiribati values and cultural practices to help I-Kiribati people build healthier families free from family violence. 

This is a FREE programme which has been designed to be interactive and uses te maroro/talanoa as a way for attendees to share knowledge & experiences of how their culture can be used to protect and strengthen I-Kiribati families.

The training is delivered in Kiribati and English languages.

Entry is open to practitioners who may engage with I-Kiribati families to prevent family violence.

Please refer to the table below for those who should attend:

1. I-Kiribati health or social services professionals or practitioners working in family violence in the social and/or health services sectors
2. I-Kiribati professionals (e.g.: doctors, nurses, teachers, ECE providers) who are not specialists in family violence but may be interested in learning more about the application of laws, theories and tools to support family violence prevention in their areas of work
3. Entry is open to both Pacific practitioners and non-Pacific practitioners working with Kiribati families

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To find out more, contact: Manu Otutaha-Bennett | M: 021599379 | E: