Michel Mulipola's role helps Pasefika youth navigate the digital waters and space with greater safety and respect.

Facebook partnered with the Save the Children to deliver an online safety campaign for the Pacific. As part of the I Am Digital campaign, it featured educational material in Pacific languages to help address issues with children concerning material online. Michel accepted a role to help provide support and educational material.

“There’s a strong need for such material, so the initiative is to help provide support and educational material,” says Mulipola. 

“This is especially for our Pasefika youth in their respective languages to help navigate the digital waters and space more safely with caution and respect." he says.

“It’s essentially about giving advice to Pasifika youth about how they can navigate those digital spaces, what to do if they’re feeling unsafe or feeling uncomfortable in those spaces, and also if there is something quite major or very upsetting, how they can report it to the social media platforms or trusted adults and people in their lives,” says Mulipola.

“We know that in earlier stages of development, cyberbullying and online abuse have dire consequences in the real world. We need a culture shift towards a safer, more inclusive, and more empowering online environment, and this partnership with Save the Children is an important step."



Online Bullying 

Digital Wellbeing- Looking After Yourself 

Protecting Yourself Online

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Being A Digital Citizen 

I Am Digital – Samoa 

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